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-Commission Rules-

Note: I will only accept payment through PayPal Invoices.


- Feel free to email me, either through my email directly, or through the "Contact" link here, on my website.

- I'll send a couple thumbnails your way while we work out the design.

- Once the design is approved, I'll email you an invoice payable through PayPal.

- Once payment is received (at least 75%, with a payment plan), I will begin work on the piece.

- I'll make sure to send you occasional updates for fun, and will adjust design if need be, at my discretion.

- After the work is finished I'll send it your way, and we can make any last minute adjustments.

 Payment Plans:

- For commissions priced over $70 I will gladly work with you to make a payment plan, if necessary.

- Work on the piece will only begin once I've received at least 75% of the payment, and I'll to notify you when it does.

-What I will, and won’t draw-


- Are accepted within the first 14 days of payment, with leeway given based on project length. 

- After 14 days (or your set period), you may ask to be refunded half your original payment, and work will end.

- There are no refunds for completed projects.


- Original Characters

- Fanart

- Anything Else!


- Explicitly Sexual Images

- Hateful Content

- Gore


- Prints of your work will be made available to you, for additional cost based on image & paper size, print quantity, and shipment information.

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